Monday, September 20, 2010

Private sale for R


This full cut panty is a size 7 from Bali. It has a cotton gusset and soft nylon body. It feels
as soft as a Vanity Fair panty, but the nylon seems a tad thicker.
The waist measures 24" relaxed to about 42" comfortably stretched
The leg opening measure 17" to about 24"
Length of side seam is 12 1/2"
Style #2142
 8 pair available

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These are a black sheer Vanity Fair panty with a little side lace.
 They are a size 7
Soft and silky nylon with cotton gusset
Waist measures approx. 28" relaxed to 41" comfortably stretched
Leg openings measure 20" to 28"
Side seam 10"
Style #13-001
2 Available

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 This is another pair of sheer black Vanity Fair panties, Size 7
Cotton gusset
Waist measures approx. 27" relaxed to 40" comfortably stretched
Leg openings measure 19" to 24"
Side seam 10"
Style #15-012
2 Available

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Black nylon panty with white cotton gusset by Vasserette Size 8
Nylon not as silky soft as Vanity Fair, but still very nice. Not as sheer either.
Has a lace trim on one side.
Waist measures approx. 25" relaxed to 44" comfortably stretched
Legs measure 18" to 28"
Side seam measures 11"
Style #93
1 available


  1. I actually wear undies like these and love them! Once when my daughter was bringing up laundry she plopped a pair of mine on my bed that had become mixed with her bikini's and said "there granny panties are yours!!" I laughed so hard! ...Thanks for visiting my blog...I'll be interested to look at yours!!

  2. Olá, Patrícia, lindas peças!
    Muitas garotas não gostam desse modelo, mas não sabem o quanto essas calças são confortáveis e modelam o corpo da mulher.
    Eu gosto disso!