Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Tablecloth A:

This tablecloth is printed with red cherries the minty green squares. It measures approx. 37" x 36" and is made of 100% cotton.

There are a couple very faint and small  hard to see stains. There are no other flaws.

Tablelcoth B:

This tablelcoth is hand appliqued with red gingham cherries and hand embroidery.
The background fabric is a creamy or off white.  It measures approx. 35" x 35"

Two of the sides are hemmed, two of the sides are left as it came in the kit. The printing is still on the edges that should have been cut off or turnned under and hemmed. Still, this little detail only adds character and history to the piece.
There is a cluster of small spots that are lighter than the background fabric. It's hard to see in some lighting and visible in others. Not a huge distraction, though.
There are a little yellow dot and a little mark near one of the appliques. I didn't see any other flaws or stains, and there are no holes in this great tablecloth.  The fabric is nice and strong, too.

Cherry Dish Towel:

This is a very simple but sweet design. I love the red cherries embroidered against the white background.  The red stripes on the side are not embroidered and came woven into the fabric.  
 This measures about 17" x 26 1/2" and is made of cotton.
There is some very, very hard to see faint staining, but you'll really have to look to see it. This is in wonderful vintage condition.

Tablecloth C:

This is a great Wildendur Cherry tablecloth. It is printed with tons of Cherries!  It measures about 50" x 54" and is made of cotton.

There are several yellow food or oil stains.  I didn't pre-treat them, but they all look like they should come out. This was only washed one time and probably should be soaked and treated to get everything out.

You are not obligated to buy any of them, but of course, are free to purchase all of them. Let me know and I'll send you and invoice through paypal.

Patricia :o)

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